After the storms of recent weeks we joined in with others on a beach clean of Freshwater west today..With more wind and showers forecast it wasn’t looking inviting. We were amazed at how many people turned up..50…60…more..who knows as people were spread throughout the dunes. the rain held off and the sun shone but boy did the wind blow. It was Oh birthday today and a group of us went together it was lovely and we helped make a huge difference. Its amazing what was there…mostly blown in from the sea but where the sea got it who knows…shoes nets plastic bottle plastic plastic and more plastic.

The car park was full of cars and there were mountains of rubbish collected by the council. There is another one planned for this beach in April. Most local communities get together and clear up what we can before the holiday makers return to Pembrokeshire..

I often bring containers washed ashore to grow plants in.

I also find lots of old rope and nets…

this is one of the storms that brought a lot of it in.

we were all starving when we got home

with spring in the air I hope everybody gets some gardening done’s been a long winter…


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