At the boot sale yesterday I could not believe my eyes when I came across a 2 foot long croc….

eager to plant it up I was up early with lots of ideas in my head…how to use this awesome shoe took some thinking about….its actually a dog bed it says on the bottom…lol

with plenty of holes in the sides I only added one other one the the centre of the bottom, then I lined it with some weed suppressant fabric to hold the compost in place and filled it up with some sandy compost.

I broke a lovely pot the other day so I have a plentiful supply of crocs to add to the croc..(sorry couldn’t resist…)

The big plant is an aeonium cuneatum which in time will spread out all over the foot part i think…

I used the little pots and crocs to try and stabilize the surface soil.

pushing longer bits of croc into the soil should help stop a land slide till the plants get established..

so it went from this….

to this….

I used a lot of cuttings to do this and now we will have to wait for them to settle in..cant wait for it all to start growing…

now I am off to plant up a few normal crocs that i have worn out…
Happy Easter Monday..:-)

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