These bad boys have withstood all the wind and rain again this winter but I have just noticed they are ALL going to flower!


I first noticed these ones 3 years ago, tiny little seedlings that popped up after I cleared away a big old hebe. Over the years we have had a few successes with them along with many failures. So when these popped their heads up I made sure they were nurtured the as best I could, clearing away the weeds to let them get some light. Even pruning the apple tree they decided to grow under so they didn’t rub and snap in the wind.

echium 1

Hopefully in a few weeks they will have doubled in size and look a bit like these ones we had a few years ago.


echium old 2

echium old

echium old1

One of the best things about echium is I am not the only one to be excited. The bee’s LOVE them and spend the summer buzzing around collecting their nectar!

Thanks for reading  🙂

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