we have a great site called freecycle here in Pembrokeshire, I think its nation wide..any way as a self confessed hoarder I am lethal on this site and very often rope friends and family into helping me go get something I ‘need’. including the double glazed upvc windows that are now our greenhouse so some of it does come in handy…
anyway on recent adventure we returned home with a hole load of 1970s fake balustrading which has sat at the back of the patio/car park all winter. With dandelions poking out of the pile it was time to use it or move it….and boy was it heavy. I spent the afternoon trying different ways of stacking it to make a bench…its so windy here plactic gets blown away…and metal just rusts in the salt wind and came up with a basic plan hoping OH would see what I was trying to do and he did….just look what he came up with…

Its just somewhere to sit and have a quick coffee which isn’t going to blow away or rust..the gargoyle was a present of our son a few years back i think he fits there just nice.

But we have a few more of these pillars and only one gargoyle…what to do….

Who needs gargoyles…lol

We do have a plan to use it as was intended one day but too busy for now…this way with no cement involved we can sit on it until we get around to building with it..

Love recycling..:-)

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