We offer various types of hedging shrubs both evergreen & deciduous, flowering, and non flowering.

As we grow all our plants from seed or cutting our prices can be kept to a minimum. Starting with the smallest at £1.50 growing to £25 for the biggest.

Griselinia littoralis
A great evergreen coastal hardy shrub that makes a superb hedge. Grows best in poor well drained soil hates clay soil as its too wet in winter, does well in sun or shade. Hardy down to -10 will grow 12-18 inches a years depending on growing conditions. 

Available in various sizes but these 2 litre 2-3 foot ones are the most popular.

Griselinia is a low MAINTENANCE hegde that only needs cutting spring and autumn.


 Lonicera nitida is another great hedging shrub especially if you want to have a go at at  topiary.  Happy in sun or shade and dealing with temperatures down to -15 this is a strong hardy hedge. Will grow 12 – 18 inches a year BUT it needs clipping 3 or 4 times a year its definitely one for  an interesting hedge.