23 years of retrieving bits and bobs off the beach ends up being a huge amount of stuff!



Not only collected by me but by many others who know I am only too please to add them to my ever growing pile. In reality as i can see the sea in the distance you would think I would be there every day, in the early years of moving here I was there all the time. But now the children have grown I am quite happy in my own space but enjoy the view every day whatever the weather..




We do have issues with the tyres…it all seemed like a good idea, Bob Flowerdew said “build a tyre wall” so I tried to source free tyres. Bob had said “don’t pay for them! they should be free. But when I tried to get 100 of them free it wasn’t worth their time to bring me 100 I would have to have 800!  I didn’t want 800 did I? or did I? They were free after all and would come in handy for soo many things and anyway 800 didn’t seem like too many!!! Well 15 years later I have found use for many of them but am still awaiting my eureka moment for now.

Glass bottles



And no I don’t have a drink problem but I think my friends and neighbours, who all helped freely might have!

Most of our re cycling comes about because we are given something or find something that suddenly links some of the piles of junk dotted around the garden together. Its hard sometimes to keep these piles under control.


So when we got a new van the seats out of the old one became garden chairs for a while..

Then when we dragged some netting up off the beach it came in handy in the end.



As when draped over the seats it all became a good frame work that aloud us to create this.


I love boot sales and found this giant croc




which then led to these



Thanks for reading..:-)

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