When we first started the nursery we made a decision to only use peat free compost. The argument has  raged for years as to the environmental cost of using peat, and there is always two side to a debate. But as committed environmentalists  it was the way we decided to go. At first we used coir mixed with home made compost but found the coir dried out too fast and we were constantly watering, also the fact that in came from Sri lanker added too many ‘plant miles’.

For cuttings and seeds we are using Lidl peat free compost..we get some strange looks when we pull up and fill up the van with it!  But it’s good stuff and our babies are thriving on it. It has a small amount of feed in it but as with most shop composts the plants will need feeding after a few weeks.

For our shrubs and hedging however we need so much compost we have been lucky enough to find a local company that recycles trees into lovely compost and today we took delivery of a some more.



So it was out with my wheel barrow and shovel to move it all ready to use tomorrow. Some people go to a gym for exercise but us gardeners have our own way of doing things.


compost2It didn’t take me long to shift the first bag and with the use of a car ramp it’s real easy to get it into place. The nursery is spread over an acre  so I am used to moving things into place with the barrow.


Tomorrow I have to deliver these plants and then spend the day potting up loads more. Love the plant factory at this time of year.



It lovely to be back in the garden after the winter, and I even found a little friend while i was getting this order ready.


Thanks for reading. 🙂



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